Vacation Care at Ambrose

We believe holidays should be fun. Vacation Care at Ambrose is filled with fun themes, exciting activities and lots of friends!

Vacation Care at Ambrose is for children in school years K-6, and children from all faiths and schools are welcome to our services.

Our program is based on the “My Time Our Place” framework – which is focusses on children’s interests and ensures we provide a program they love.

Activities include, excursions (where we go out into the community), workshops (where a special activity comes to us), games, sport, craft and much more.

Ambrose Vacation Care is held in Catholic school grounds across the Parramatta Diocese. The programs are specific to each – search below for Vacation Care near you or enrol now here.

You can have peace of mind your children are having fun in a caring environment that is fully supervised and follows a COVID safety plan.

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Ambrose School Age Care offers a range of child focused activities, both programmed and free play:

  • outdoor play – team sports, group games and free choice activities
  • physical activity – dancing, indoor and outdoor play
  • craft
  • cooking
  • board games
  • dramatic play
  • construction
  • reading
  • free play activities

Yes – given the variety of activities, there is always something for the children to enjoy, indoors or outdoors.

Breakfast is provided each day in centres open for before school care; times will vary between individual centres. Afternoon tea snack is provided.

Please inform us in advance if your child has any special dietary needs or requirements.

Yes, please inform us if your child has a particular food intolerance, or special allergy requirement.

Should they require a specific range of products, you may be required to supply specific foods.

Every effort will be made to ensure your child is catered for in an inclusive manner.

Changes to your child’s food or allergy requirements will need to be made in writing.


Anaphylactic Response

If your child has been diagnosed with a life threatening allergic reaction, please provide the centre with a letter form the doctor with instruction on the procedures for the appropriate emergency response.

Families are required to provide medication, with written authorisation and are responsible for monitoring the ‘use by date’ on medication.

Each location has a different capacity. Please contact the centre you are interested in to ask about availability.

We recommended you register your child early to avoid disappointment.

Parents with Kindergarten children should register for Ambrose School Age Care once their enrolment at the school is confirmed.

If positions are available, we can provide a place for your child. We can provide emergency care for families at short notice.

Parents and carers nominate in advance authorised people to have permission to collect their children and as emergency contacts if parents/carers cannot be contacted.

These authorised people are listed on the child’s Enrolment form and can be updated by the parent/carer at any time in writing.

Authorised people must be 16 years of age or over and supply suitable photo ID.

Yes – a wide brimmed or bucket style hat for outdoor play. Other than this, children are not required to bring anything to care.

Notify the centre by phone as soon as possible and advise staff of your expected arrival time so preparations can be made for your child and our staff.

Please note there is a Late Pick up Policy that includes a late pick up fee.

An enrolment fee is due for payment prior to commencement at the centre.

Invoices are issued fortnightly and are to be paid by the due date noted on each invoice.

Also see: Can I claim the Child Care Subsidy?

Ambrose School Age Care services are approved for the Child Care Subsidy.

Subsidy amounts are calculated and approved by the Australian Government Department of Human Services.

The parent or carer must register and apply for the Child Care Subsidy through MyGov website or App. Parents or Carers registered for the Child Care Subsidy must be the ‘Account Holder’ with Ambrose School Age Care and must provide the relevant centre with the correct Customer Reference Number (CRN) and date of birth for:

  • The parent/carer, and
  • Each child attending (there is a separate CRN for each child).

The parent’s/carer’s Child Care Subsidy will be paid fortnightly to your Ambrose School Age Care service to further reduce the weekly fee.

For more information on the Child Care Subsidy and eligibility, please visit:

Catholic Education Diocese of Parramatta employs qualified and experienced staff.

Ambrose School Age Care staff are committed to and supported in their ongoing professional development and industry specific training to enhance their provision of quality care.

We abide by the policies and procedures of Catholic Education Diocese of Parramatta.

Specific policies and procedures supporting the provision of quality care are also in place across all Ambrose School Age Care services, including:

  • Absent and Missing Children Policy
  • Acceptable Use of ICT Policy
  • Accident and Incident Policy
  • Anti Bullying Policy
  • Arrivals, Departures and Access Policy
  • Behaviour Management Policy
  • Child Protection Policy
  • Complaint Handling Policy
  • Critical Incident Management Policy
  • Emergency and Evacuation Policy
  • Enrolment and Orientation Policy
  • Fee Policy
  • Fee Schedules (Centre specific)
  • Food and Nutrition Policy
  • Hazardous Materials in Schools Policy
  • Late Pick Up Policy
  • Locating Absent and Missing Children Procedure (Centre Specific)
  • Medication Policy
  • Occupational Health and Safety Policy
  • Privacy Information Policy
  • School Excursion Policy
  • Sun Protection Policy
  • Toileting Procedure (Centre Specific)

For a copy of our policies and procedures please contact an Ambrose School Age care Supervisor.