About Ambrose

Ambrose Centres are positive places where children flourish, parents feel supported and staff love to be.

We are a social enterprise of the Community Ventures, a not-for-profit charity supporting families of all religious beliefs in Sydney’s West, Hills District and Blue Mountains.

Ambrose offers best-practice, faith-based Early Learning, School Age Care and Vacation Care guided by Catholic values of Respect, Encouragement, and Care.

Your children are cared for by qualified, diligent and capable educators who use their unique qualities and experience to improve the learning outcomes of each child and inspire learning for life.

We believe that children organise and make sense of their social worlds through play, so we use innovative, play-based learning opportunities.

Our daily program is guided by children’s interests, abilities, knowledge and culture. Your children will learn through “hands on” experiences that involve doing, creating, experimenting, predicting, imagining, achieving, and investigating.

We are respectful and inclusive, maintaining integrity, honesty and openness in all that we do.
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We bring out everyone's personal best. Encouraging one another to grow, learn and develop through strong relationships and best practice Education and Care that is fun, creative and challenging.
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We care for each other, nurturing individuality to create a sense of belonging in safe, respectful environments where treasured memories are made.
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Not just services for all Catholics, but Catholic services for all

Our Name

Our name honours St. Ambrose (c. 340–397).

Saint Ambrose is a Doctor of the Church. He was the Bishop of Milan, a renowned scholar, hymn writer, and the Patron Saint of Learning and Beekeepers.

He is known for his compassion for children, captives and the poor. Some believe that when Ambrose was an infant, a swarm of bees visited him and left a single sweet drop of honey on his lips.

To his father, this was a sign that Ambrose would become an eloquent orator, with words “as sweet as honey”. For this reason, he is often portrayed with bees and holding a beehive.

This imagery is central to Ambrose.

The beehive is a safe, communal structure – a hive of activity where many honey bee species live, work and raise their young.

The ‘A’ of our logo is an open-door beehive. It symbolises the safe, nurturing community nature of Ambrose – open to all families regardless of their religion or the Primary School their child will attend.

The hexagonal cells of the honeycomb fit together perfectly to create one of nature’s strongest structures. They represent the strong, secure, and inclusive environments of our services.

"Just as honey from the comb is sweet on your tongue, you may be sure that wisdom is good for the soul. Get wisdom and you have a bright future."

Proverbs 24: 13-14

From the Bishop of Parramatta

Dear friends and colleagues,
I am delighted to announce that the Diocese of Parramatta has expanded the pastoral outreach of our parish and school communities, through the creation of a new diocesan agency, Catholic Diocese of Parramatta Services Limited (CDPSL).
Now renamed Community Ventures, this expanded pastoral outreach includes, but is not limited to: a system of Catholic early childhood services; providing social enterprise services; and undertaking any other services related to these activities.
Community Ventures will be mandated with expanding our mission to serve the people of Western Sydney and the Blue Mountains by providing a range of services that support the needs of families with young children.
Existi​​ng Catholic Out of School Hours Care, Catholic Early Learning Centres – will transition into the newly-established CDPSL over the coming months.
Yours fraternally in Christ,
Most Reverend Vincent Long Van Ngyen OFM Conv
Bishop of Parramatta

Preschool for ages 3-5

OSHC & Activities for K-6

School years K-6