Cancellation of Care Form

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Notice of Enrolment Cancellation Form_Version 2.0 Last reviewed August 2023
In accordance with the Ambrose Fee Policy, I am aware I am required to give two (2) weeks’ notice when cancelling care and fees will be charged during the two week notice period.
To meet the requirements of Family Assistance Law and Child Care Subsidy (CCS), it is essential that your child physically attends the service on the last session of booked care to be eligible for CCS for the two weeks’ notice period. In some circumstances, CCS may be paid for up to 7 days after the last day your child physically attends however you must have an approved reason such as (your child, the individual who cares for the child, the individual’s partner or another person with whom the child lives is ill). Medical certificate of an approved reason will be required. Failure to comply with Services Australia CCS eligibility including the above will result in the parent/guardian having to pay full fees with no entitlement to CCS fee reduction.
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